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Cinderella Lost Her Happily-Ever-After
We met at a masquerade that night
and you told me I was beautiful.
I was too shy to take off my mask,
but it made me so happy that you saw me anyway.
We danced and talked all night
and when it was time for me to go
you told me I was beautiful
and you wanted to stay in touch.
I fell in love with every letter you sent me.
You said you felt the same
and then we planned to see each other again.
I didn't wear my mask.
You didn't recognize me.
But then I understood:
you fell in love with the mask
and you recoiled from the person who wore it.
Take it. I don't want it anymore.
I'll leave the mask in your hands.
But when you finally realize that it's empty
without me behind it
it'll be too late.
I'll have already gone to find someone new.
:iconyumitsura:Yumitsura 2 0
I'm Sorry
Sorry for being a bother.
Sorry for lying to you.
Sorry for telling the truth.
Sorry I can't be what you want.
Sorry for never being there.
Sorry for clinging to you.
Sorry for making mistakes.
Sorry for trying to be perfect.
Sorry for complaining too much.
Sorry for never listening.
Sorry for wishing you were different.
Sorry for trying to change myself instead.
Sorry for pushing you away.
Sorry for watching you go.
Sorry for hurting you.
Sorry for being unpredictable.
Sorry for crying so much.
Sorry for never being enough.
Sorry for trying to hide.
Sorry I won't ever tell you this directly.
It's what I've been trying to say all along.
:iconyumitsura:Yumitsura 3 0
Adair Sketch by Yumitsura Adair Sketch :iconyumitsura:Yumitsura 1 4
Ballad of the Broken Prince
A long, long time ago, there was
A child named Adair
Whom all the people loved because
He was so sweet and fair.
His father was a selfish king
And taught him how to rule.
From him, Adair learned everything,
Becoming cold and cruel.
One day Adair met Lucianne,
A girl who stole his heart.
But this girl had a secret plan,
She thought she was so smart.
Adair's new "friend" made sure to lie,
She hid her fangs and claws.
He couldn't know he was to die
And she would be the cause.
She meant to kill him late at night
And steal from him the throne.
Adair found out and vowed to fight;
He'd not go down alone.
He killed her, then began to gloat
But with her final breath,
She sank her fangs into his throat,
Condemning him to death.
And though he died, he rose once more,
Immortal through and through.
"Your life is cursed now," Luci swore
"None shall ever love you."
But he no longer cared for love
Or anything at all.
Escaping to the world above,
He let his kingdom fall.
For many years, he stayed away
:iconyumitsura:Yumitsura 1 13
Evil by Association
I'm told that you are evil to your core
A monster and a murderer, they say,
A demon set ablaze by light of day.
I don't believe those stories anymore,
But though you're not the creature of their lore,
I know that you're a monster anyway.
I've seen you smile and slaughter and betray
And lie to those who've trusted you before
It doesn't bother me the way it should,
But since we met, you're all I ever had.
Since then I watched as my whole life untied.
No, I can never claim that you are "good,"
But just to be with you, I will turn bad
To be just one more evil on your side.
:iconyumitsura:Yumitsura 3 0
Holy Roman Empire
Though, from the day that I first saw you there
(while you were sweeping up my messy floor),
I could not come much closer than the door,
You looked so cute; I loved that curly hair.
You feared me, though, and thought you should beware.
I think, since then, I've liked you more and more,
But since I've never felt this way before,
I'm sorry all I did was stand and stare.
Now it's too late, I'll soon be off to fight,
My courage and my strength put to the test...
I'll keep you safe, I swear, I'll never rest!
I know I can't say it will be alright,
But even if I fall, I must confess,
That "out of the whole world, I like you best."
:iconyumitsura:Yumitsura 37 3
It's true, I know that you will never change
No matter what, although I wish you would.
I know you've always been a little strange,
I know you've always been, well, damaged goods.
You'll hurt me, break my heart, then say we're done,
That you don't want me with you anymore,
I know I will not be the only one
Because I know you've said it all before.
I should not face this pain you will inflict
I should not keep on chasing you around.
I can't deny that maybe I've been tricked,
But when I hear your voice, I love the sound.
No matter what, I'll go on loving you
Because it's true that I am damaged too.
:iconyumitsura:Yumitsura 1 2
Come to bed, my love
It's time for you to sleep once more
Don't be afraid. I will be with you again tonight.
Your hair is so soft,
Your cheek, so smooth...
You know I can't resist you.
I'm not your nightmare.
Maybe I'm not good for you
and maybe I'm not what you dream about,
But I am not your nightmare.
Something is on your mind tonight
Something is distracting you.
Tell me what is bothering you
And I will kill it.
Don't look at me like that
I will protect you and keep you safe at any cost.
You're mine-- you know that.
I love you, my darling.
I won't let anyone hurt you.
Me? That's silly.
I am doing this for your own good.
I'm not your nightmare.
Maybe you wish I would disappear
and maybe you flinch from my touch
But I am not your nightmare.
:iconyumitsura:Yumitsura 1 0
The water is flowing now
It's hot, so hot
Too hot now
It hurts, it's burning, and I love every second of it
I know you've asked me
So many times
Over and over
To stop being this way
I assure you, it's not intentional
Not anymore
But little things like papercuts
They're almost as good
I know I hurt you, just as surely,
Every time I hurt myself
But I couldn't stop
It's not that simple
I know that I am a monster
Forcing you to share in my pain
I never wanted you to be hurt because of me
But what else can I do
when the only one who can take the pain away
is exactly the one causing it?
If I was good...
If I was noble...
I would stop this right now
And tell you everything is fine
And one day it would be,
It would have to be
But I'm sorry
I'm not good
Even if I want to be
I am only a monster
Nothing more.
:iconyumitsura:Yumitsura 1 2
Ellis and Zoey by Yumitsura Ellis and Zoey :iconyumitsura:Yumitsura 3 4 Luka by Yumitsura Luka :iconyumitsura:Yumitsura 1 1 Le Cirque en Noir et Blanc by Yumitsura Le Cirque en Noir et Blanc :iconyumitsura:Yumitsura 0 3



You yourself are... my Highness.
United States
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Favourite cartoon character: Pucca
Personal Quote: Love conquers all... well, except itself.


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